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Cleaning with Steam and the Right Chemicals

Well-maintained wheels are crucial for your car. Hence, your wheels and wheel arches deserve meticulous treatment. For a thorough wheel arch cleaning, we remove the rims from the car. Mud, sand, leaves, and bits of rubber - we eliminate everything. This process also includes cleaning the brake calipers.

The suspension takes a beating during your car's usage. This could be from driving through mud, facing winter road salt, debris bouncing off the wheel arches, and the rubber wearing off your tires. Regularly cleaning the suspension, brakes, and wheels prevents excessive wear and rust formation. We cleanse these parts of all debris using steam and the appropriate chemicals. Subsequently, we shield them from external elements.


Starting at €750,- excl. VAT

Down to the Last Detail

The Lapaire Autospa Approach

For the ultimate preservation of your car, it's recommended to have your car's undercarriage cleaned once a year.

Similar to the suspension, the underside of your car also faces considerable contamination. That's why you should also have the underside of your car cleaned. We brush, scrub, and use a steam cleaner to thoroughly cleanse the entire chassis. This process allows us to spot damaged components immediately, which we can replace or repair as needed. We finish off the cleaning with original factory-provided grease and wax for protection and a pristine finish.

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How can we help?

Valet service

Lapaire Autospa operates throughout Europe

It doesn't matter if you're at home, in your holiday-house in Malaga or at the office; we'll gladly pick up your car. With our enclosed Brian James trailer and certified chauffeur we guarantee safe and discreet transportation.

  • Enclosed transportation
  • No strangers driving your vehicle
  • No exposure to the elements
  • No unnecessary miles driven

For me, the first impression is decisive. When I walked in, I was impressed right away. An amazing showroom beyond dreams. The staff is very friendly, works very precise and treats the car as if it were their own. Beautiful result by real professionals!

Josef Mutlu, Range Rover Sport

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