How it all started at Lapaire Autospa

From early onwards

The passion began at a young age

From a deeply rooted passion to a joint venture; their love for cars inevitably led the lives of Robert and Matthis to cross paths. The gasoline and oil flow through the veins of these gentlemen, and despite their different experiences and backgrounds, a strong friendship has emerged. Robert possesses business knowledge that cannot be acquired in school. Matthis is characterized by an inexhaustible work ethic. These disciplines form the foundation of Lapaire Autospa.

Lapaire Autospa Today

On the road to greatness

At Lapaire Autospa, you won't be surprised to see one of our detailers polishing a diffuser underneath a car. The passion for the craft extends far, very far. Quality is precisely found in places where you don't look. When even those hidden spots are spotless, you know that a skilled craftsman has been at work.

The artistry of car detailing becomes evident at Lapaire Autospa. Our team members approach each component with love and craftsmanship. We employ the most innovative techniques, carefully selected from top courses around the world, combined with extensive expertise about the characteristics of every automaker. This allows us to provide a tailor-made treatment for each car, extracting its maximum potential.

Our team of specialists is meticulously trained for this reason. They have learned the trade from the finest experts in the field. We hire based on their drive: the desire to work, grow, and contribute to our vision. Every day, we continue to learn and elevate our quality to new heights. A keen sense of 'level of detailing' and a willingness to work hard are where it all begins.

All my life I have been surrounded by cars. To be so impressed by them is special. The complete picture is right at Lapaire Autospa, you can tell that from everything!

Arie Luyendyk – Indy 500 winner (1990, 1997)

The Lapaire Autospa team

Matthis Lapaire

It was clear from an early age what Matthis' passion in life was; 'car' was the first word he uttered, even before saying 'mom' or 'dad.' And his love for cars has remained constant. In fact, it became the thread that wove through his life. At the age of eight, he was already washing cars on the street. By eleven, he was doing the same at the auto body shop around the corner. And from the age of fourteen, he was washing cars at various dealerships. His future was evident.

Matthis pursued a education in Detailing, but his real learning took place in practice. For the 'true intricacies of the trade,' he journeyed to Irvine (California), where the industry's finest imparted the specialization to him. He also undertook education as a director of photography and director of film, but he realized that his heart wasn't in it. However, he was intrigued by material lighting. This specific knowledge is now applied in the art of car detailing, where lighting plays a significant role.

In 2013, he embarked on the journey of Lapaire Autospa. It started on a small scale in a former military warehouse, where there wasn't even water available. The company was inaccessible after 5:30 PM. Nevertheless, Matthis spent many nights there. He climbed over barbed wire and meticulously perfected his customers' cars. He transported gallons of water to his business location, stashing them in the trunk of his car. The company grew. He changed locations a few times and hired his first employees, whom he trained to work with the same precision as himself.

Two things have remained constant over the years: Matthis' passion for his craft and the mission of Lapaire Autospa: to delight customers by giving their cars an aura that far exceeds their expectations.

Robert Westerman

When you come from a family where cars are sacred, you have no choice but to fall in love with cars yourself. Robert hails from a true entrepreneurial family, where business and (classic) cars were intertwined. He knew from a young age that he also wanted to venture into business.

Robert's parents crossed paths when his father, Albert, purchased knitting machines from his mother. These machines were part of a knitting operation that grew into the casual men's fashion brand, State of Art. Anyone who has visited a State of Art store can quickly see the connection to classic (racing) cars.

In a stroller, Robert was already being pushed around the paddock of circuits to cheer on his father during races. Aside from business ties between classic auto racing and his men's fashion brand, Albert was also a devoted Porsche enthusiast at heart, a passion inevitably passed down to Robert.

At a young age, Robert dabbled in the State of Art workshop and assisted in restoring classic Porsches. During his bachelor's degree, he lived in Florida for 9 months and worked for PON Holdings, followed by an MBA with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. After his studies, Robert led the team that set up State of Art's webshop. Afterward, he delved into startups across various industries. Although immensely instructive, there was a missing piece of passion and emotion since it had nothing to do with cars.

When Robert became a customer at Matthis' establishment, he was immediately struck by Matthis' work ethic and the attention to detail that accompanied it. A beautiful friendship blossomed, leading to a business partnership. They now jointly run Lapaire Autospa. Each brings their distinct background and expertise. For Robert, it's the ultimate fusion of his love for cars and the entrepreneurship instilled in him from an early age.


Get in touch


Get in touch

Workshop Manager

Bryan Cedda

Bryan has been a part of the Lapaire Autospa team since 2019, specializing in comprehensive detailing tasks, paint corrections, leather restoration, cleaning of technical components, and the application of paint protection films. Additionally, as of late 2022, he has taken on the role of our workshop manager. Combining these skills with his profound passion for Italian cars, Bryan has evolved into one of the cornerstones of our company.

Creative Manager

Jim Kok

Turning your hobby into your profession is a privilege only a few enjoy, and for Jim, it's a reality—just like it is for us. Through his company, Gimmick Media, he has been producing cutting-edge videos across various industries for years. However, Jim's heart beats faster when he gets to film motorized vehicles. His extensive knowledge of both content creation and high-level business management makes him not only responsible for all visual expressions of Lapaire Autospa but also a sounding board for the ambitious marketing ideas of Robert and Matthis.

Senior Paint Specialist

André Teeld

With decades of work experience in the automotive sector, there's hardly anything related to paint that André hasn't encountered. Through systematic paint inspection, measurement, and analysis, we're always prepared and never caught off guard. André is our expert in sanding and polishing all types of paint.

Detailer, Mechanic

Robert 'Roki' Alitovič

Roki has been working with cars his entire life. As a seasoned mechanic, he excels in assembly and disassembly, boasts versatile expertise as an all-around detailer, and is an absolute mood-enhancer in the workshop. As a father of two, he effortlessly takes young interns under his wing when needed. His determination and keen eye for detail ensure that every project he handles is delivered with top-notch quality.


Saymon Brhane

No shortage of enthusiasm, that's for sure with Saymon! Through a special program of municipality of Hengelo, we were immediately charmed by Saymon's irrepressible will to work and commitment. Together with our expert detailers, Saymon is mainly busy with the preliminary process every car has to go through at Lapaire Autospa. At the same time, he receives internal and external courses and further training to develop into a full detailer.

Junior Paint Specialist

Bas Teeld

Despite his young age, Bas already has a broad and high-quality knowledge of paints and detailing in general. Like a true 'junior', he prefers working with his father André in our light-tunnel to get the most out of every cars' paint that comes along. No doubt about the result when Bas lets his polisher do the talking!

Valet Driver

Quirijn Verheul

Courteous, humble, and friendly. Quirijn is the embodiment of our Valet service. From a young age, Quirijn embarked on loading and transporting exclusive cars and has been with Lapaire Autospa since late 2022. We entrust every vehicle to Quirijn to ensure it safely and seamlessly travels from point A to B.


Marc Oerlemans

Marc is the latest addition to our team. Possessing an exceptional eye for detail and a strong work ethic, he seamlessly fits in with our crew. Under the guidance of our experienced detailers, we are undoubtedly equipping Marc with the intricate skills of the trade, and his evident willingness to learn is truly commendable.