Hand Washing

With Utmost Care

The purest form of washing – that's our standard. Meticulously done by hand and with the utmost care. This ensures that the likelihood of scratches is kept to a minimum. Looking to have a consistently pristine car all year round? Opt for our premium hand wash subscription.

Washing by hand

Starting at €75,- excl. VAT

Down to the Last Detail

The Lapaire Autospa Approach

For us, washing is more than just rinsing; it serves as the foundation for subsequent treatments and must therefore meet our quality standards. To achieve this, a acid-free wheel cleaner is applied to the rims, after which we rinse the car and address elements like the sills, wheel arches, and inside of the doors. Following the rinse, we use a wash mitt with long, soft fibers to wash the car, employing the two-bucket system and special Gyeon, RUSH and Meguiars shampoos. Our water is naturally free of calcium deposits. After rinsing, we proceed to dry the car. We use the most robust drying towels from RUSH and compressed air. Windows and mirrors are cleaned and the wheels are dried.


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How can we help?

Valet service

Lapaire Autospa operates throughout Europe

It doesn't matter if you're at home, in your holiday-house in Malaga or at the office; we'll gladly pick up your car. With our enclosed Brian James trailer and certified chauffeur we guarantee safe and discreet transportation.

  • Enclosed transportation
  • No strangers driving your vehicle
  • No exposure to the elements
  • No unnecessary miles driven

I have had very good experiences with Lapaire Autospa. If necessary, they pick up and deliver the car with their own trailer. The cars are treated with care and skill. The results are accordingly. Keep up the good work!

Ronald Zwartz, BMW M550i

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