Exterior detailing

After Washing, the Journey Begins

Even after washing, dirt lingers in the pores of the paint. To eliminate this, we employ specialized chemicals for tar and iron particles. Subsequently, we clay the paint to extract deeper-rooted impurities. Running your fingers across the paint post this process yields a glass-like smoothness.


Starting at €250,- excl. VAT

Down to the Last Detail

The Lapaire Autospa Approach

After washing and clay barring, we apply a handcrafted protective layer of your choice. No machines, as handwork offers superior precision. The black plastic elements are nourished with the most suitable product to restore their deep black color. This treatment also renders the plastic water-resistant. The result: a smooth paint finish with a deep luster and a new protective layer. Furthermore, we tend to the details. Alongside windows and mirrors, we address interior door handles, exhaust tips, and center caps, among others.

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How can we help?

Valet service

Lapaire Autospa operates throughout Europe

It doesn't matter if you're at home, in your holiday-house in Malaga or at the office; we'll gladly pick up your car. With our enclosed Brian James trailer and certified chauffeur we guarantee safe and discreet transportation.

  • Enclosed transportation
  • No strangers driving your vehicle
  • No exposure to the elements
  • No unnecessary miles driven

The team at Lapaire Autospa was recommended to me by a fellow classic car owner. The warm welcome at their beautiful site reassured me that my car was in the right hands. The results amazed me and what struck me were the details, true craftsmanship! I have used the valet service offered several times, a super solution for my busy schedule.

Gerjan den Hartog, Porsche 356 Speedster

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